Your Guide to Kolwezi

Capital of Lualaba province, Kolwezi is a fast-growing mining city in Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a perfect destination to discover something out of the beaten path. This part of DRC is extremely safe, though you should be careful of corrupt officials. Always carry your passport with you, ask for authorisation before taking a picture, and keep your cool if any policeman questions you.

To Go There

Kolwezi is around five hours drive from Lubumbashi, which ahs an international airport. If you do not have the budget to hire a private car, Mullycap offers bus services which are incredibly comfortable compared for exemple to Greyhound in the US. You can expect smiling service, a comfortable waiting room and a clean AC bus which even has toilets inside. Quite the opposite from the cliche of the typical third world buses.

Where to Stay

Kampi Ya Boma is a safari-style hotel with bungalow rooms. The restaurant has a terrace on the swimming pool, with a choice of African, European, and… Nepalese cuisine. Two Nepalese chefs work there.

To Do

1) The Railway Station

The Railway Station is one of the most remarkable landmarks of the city. It was built under the Belgian colonization. You will notice multiple pine trees around it. These were cultivated to protect from the wind and control the level of dust.

Kolwezi Railway Station
Kolwezi Railway Station (back side)

2) The Hindu Temple

Finding a Hindu Temple in the heart of Africa might seems strange, until one remembers that there is now an enormous Indian community in DRC who is omnipresent in many sectors.

3) Belgian Era Architecture

The best way to identify houses from the Belgian time is that they almost all have fireplaces. One easily discovers the reason : in the winter, nights can get extremely cold. Forget the cliche that all Central Africa is a warm place. You can find those scattered all around the city.

In front of the modern Raw Bank building, you can observe a few historic administrative buildings.

The Raw Bank Office
Historic Administrative Buildings in front of the Raw Bank Office

4) Observe the Lualaba Lake

The Lualaba Lake is around 30 minute drive from the city center. To have the best view of it, go to eat or have a drink at the restaurant King and Crab.

Where to eat

Managed by Lebanese, Kream is by far the trendiest coffee shop/restaurant in the city. It would look probably more appropriate in New-York City than in Kolwezi. Decent selection of international food and excellent pastries by DRC standards.


Where to have a drink

Hotel Antoine Bel has cozzy african-style cottages adjacent to the swimming pool where one can have a drink along with some local Congolese cheese from Goma.

Hotel Antoine Bel

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Thionville is a small town in France close to the borders of three countries: Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium. For this reason, French people often call this region “The place of three borders”. Thionville has an interesting German architecture, a fantastic museum and great food. Begin your day by having the best almond croissant in town at Bauer. My grandmother, who lived in this town most of her life, always bought there cakes for birthday and special occasions. Walk in the historic pedestrian center, around Rue de Paris and Rue du Four Banal. Many restaurants and café over there to take a break. The church Saint-Maximain de Thionville has a large organ where pianists sometimes play. The Tour aux Puces Museum is inside a tower part of a fortification complex that was saved. It was built in the 11 and 12 century. It is open everyday except Monday from 2 to 6 pm. The main exposition is dedicated to the history of the region, but there are often temporary exhibitions depending of the date of your visit. Put on google map the address 1 Avenue Albert 1er and walk over there. A magnificent building of Germanic style is today home to a drugstore. In front of the Napoleon Garden, many houses are occupied by the richest people in the town. If you want to take a side trip, the medieval village of Rodemack is only 20 minutes drive away.

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Music and life in Cartagena

The city of Cartagena de Indias is on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, it is one of the most visited cities in the country and certainly one of the most beautiful. The city combines Caribbean air with Colombian culture and touches of Historic city, a real delight for travelers. This is a big city but if you look at it from some points it seems to be in a small town, which gives a very good and welcoming feeling. The music here is constant and several Latin rhythms rock your stay in this great city. The historic city The Streets of the historical city are amazing Cartagena was the first commercial port of the Spanish in colonial times. From there came tons of silver and gold that Europeans looted from the region. This made the city grow a lot and was very important at the time, which today reflected in a beautiful cultural and architectural heritage. There is always a beautiful angle for shooting The walled city is an unmissable spot on this tour, as it has most of the tours we have here. If possible, try to stay in this part of the city, as this is probably where you will spend most of your time. This part of the city is very charming and has made Cartagena known as one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, and this is not for everyone. Among the main points of visit within the historic tour are: – Cathedral of Cartagena – Museo de la Inquisición – Plaza de los Coches – La Porta del Reloj – Plaza Simon Bolivar – Museo del Oro – Plaza Santo Domingo – The Palanqueras – Palacio del Gobierno – Iglesia y Monasterio San Pedro Claver – Museo Naval – Heredia Theater – Las

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United-States is not just about New-York City and California. Despite its multiple interests, Denver is still rarely visited by foreign tourists. All the better to enjoy authentic American culture. Here are the things you should not miss. 1) The Airport You may have a laugh by reading this title. Ok, it is not often that an airport is recommended as a tourist attraction. But, if you do not already know it, Denver may have the honor of the airport with the highest number of conspiracies in the world. This is due in part to a strange planning and to an expensive amount of modern arts with some weird biblical and mythological references. Head to the baggage claims. Two paintings of Leo Tanguma are present on the left and right sides. You can spend time observing them and drawing your own theory: is it about environmental destruction? Or the arrival of a new apocalypse? Or simply some nice modern arts that should not be taken too seriously? 2) LoDo Lower Downtown, abbreviated LoDo, is the historic heart of the city. Like many other America’s city centers, it had fallen in decay in the 60s as many people acquired cars and went to live in the suburbs. From the 90s it began a renaissance, historic buildings were renovated, and it is now a vibrant place with plenty of trendy restaurants. While you are in the area, do not miss Confluence Park nearby for the picturesque landscape of rocks around the river. 3) Brown Palace Hotel Denver Staying there will be very expensive, but it is one of those hotels where you should at least have a coffee (or better an English tea) to see the interior. Red brick walls, classy atrium, chairs that look like they could be sold in a high

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16 century’s wooden Castle in Western Japan

Introduction 16 century’s wooden Castle in Western Japan If you ever dreamt of a 16-17 century wooden Castle, now here you are! Book a flight to West Japan, feet on the Land of ‘Far East Island’. You never heard of ‘Matsue city’ where located in Shimane province (state), half an hour flight from Osaka (Kansai) airport, they are the most unknown and least populated state in Japan out of other 47 states including Capital Tokyo in modern Japan. However in the ancient Neolithic, arguably it started an influential civilization then later treated as a special region capital by the Court of ‘Yamato Great Nation’. Moreover during the 15th and 16th century, it had a Silver mine port, traded silver and iron ore towards Spanish and Portuguese in their war weapons needs, so the ships sailed back in forth because of the world biggest Silver production in ‘Ohmori Silver Mine’ UNESCO heritage, just 1.5 hours drive away from Matsue. Pristine ‘Zen’ view Adachi Museum of Art, so called Adachi Garden Museum Touch down either at Yonago Airport or Yonago Rail Station (JR), then grab a taxi to the Museum of Art, Adachi, previously won the award of ‘The Most Beautiful Garden’ nominated by the US prominent garden magazines’ editors.  After strolling the paths in physically feeling the leaves and Bonsai trees, just settle down in a museum café then order a ‘Matcha’ (celebratory green tea) with sweets, for sure you’ll be completely content. 📷 Credit: Shimi Micäela    Now, let’s move on to Matsue city by the local train, to get to the station, take a Museum coach or taxi.  There are a bunch of Japanese style Inns called ‘Ryokan’ in the city. You can also choose budget hotels but why not stay in Ryokan with hot-spring ‘Onsen’ by Lake Shinji?!  My

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The City of the Desert

Palm Springs is around two hours drive from Los-Angeles. As you go farther away from the beach in the inland, the first thing you notice is the change of climate. Finish the cool breeze. The desert is coming, and if it is the summer you better wake up early to make your morning jogging before the sun rises too high. To make it short and simple, Palm Springs is the place where people from Los-Angeles go to play golf. They also come in the winter because they want warmer temperatures. Few cities in the world see as much price difference in hotels between seasons. A room that would be 100 USD in the summer might be 300 USD in the winter. For this reason, going away from the crowd in the summer is a good idea. Organize your visit of the city in the morning and evening time, when the temperature is reasonable. During the afternoon, go to your hotel pool (for those who are not Americans, US is a country where except from big cities almost every hotels, even the budget ones, have a pool). Or simply take the aerial tramway to the mountains. It is the second highest in the world (the first is in Switzerland). Please note that if you suffer from huge vertigo, skipping this sight might be a good idea. When it is crossing the poles, you feel shaked a bit. It happened a few times that people got stuck inside during a few hours. Up there, many trails are offered to you. Snowy in the winter, it is pleasantly cool in the summer. Downtown Palm Springs is shortly visited. Take your time to see the Modern Art Museum, I say this as somebody who generally gets bored with modern art. I enjoyed the paintings

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To Do in Accra

Capital of Ghana, Accra is consistently recognized as one the top Western African cities in terms of quality of life. It is extremely safe and many foreigners walk alone at nighttime.  1) Oxford StreetMain commercial artery of the city, in the affluent district of Osu. A few shopping malls, some western chains (KFC, Pizza Hut, and a very nice Second Cup). You also have plenty of local shops selling all types of things. The vendors will be very happy to have a conversation with you. 2) Jamestown This is one of the poorest districts of the city, but it is absolutely safe in daytime. Over there you find the historic remnants of colonial time: the old post office, the lighthouse and the Fort Creve Coeur. A large fish market occupies the area. You can relax at the Jamestown Cafe, a trendy place that received the visit of French president Emmanuelle Macron. 3) East Legon Walking in the streets of East Lagon, you realize how much Ghana’s economy is growing. In front of a French high-school is a healthy restaurant called Green is Better. Not far away, Sky Bar 25 offers on its rooftop the best view of the city. Despite coming from Paris and having extensively traveled the world, my father said to me that the restaurant Coco Lounge, in addition to having great food, had “the most impressive design he had ever seen”. 4) National Museum The national museum was inaugurated at independence. Nice selection of sculptures and crafts. 5)Madina Mosque The largest mosque in West-Africa, with an impressive architecture, Unfortunately I was not able to visit inside as I am not Muslim. Still worth seeing from outside with its nice decorations. 

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Martigny, two thousand years in the Alps

Martigny is a hidden city in the interior of Switzerland where you can walk through two thousand years of history in a few hours. The capacity of this city to mix the ancient, the medieval and the contemporary in such a small space is incredible. A unique and unforgettable experience. From Rome with love Martigny was founded by Celts, but became important after it was conquered by Julius Caesar in 57 BC and became the main city in the Alps region, known as Octodurus. From this point, the city has developed and even today we can see what remains of the glorious times.   Upon arriving in Martigny, you can find the Roman amphitheater which is in excellent condition and still hosts events. With just a 10-minute walk, you can see the ruins of the Roman forum, a complex of old buildings that included two thousand-year-old heated chambers that are now integrated into the city’s sports gym.   But one point that cannot be overlooked is the Roman bath. The excavation of the ruins is very well preserved and you can see in detail the chambers used for the city’s public baths, in addition to being able to read Julius Caesar’s letter talking about the conquest of the region, it is a magnificent journey through time. From Roman times we can still see the temple of Mithra and a “villa” of some noble, so we can also see the difference between the buildings of the poor and the rich of the same time. A thousand years later, the medieval ages. The first sight of Martigny when arriving is of the great tower of the castle that is on top of a hill. In addition to being beautiful and imposing, the tower is an important point for the city itself, as

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Your Time in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India has plenty of fun stuff to do. The Iskcon Temple, of the Hare Krishna Movement, is an enormous temple in a mix of modern and traditional elements. You can go there as a normal visitor or buy a VIP ticket to skip the queue and including a personalized prayer. In the same style is the Shiv Mandir, where you ask yourself constantly if you are visiting a temple or an attraction park. Depending of your ticket, some “activities” like prayers and ceremonies will be included. Any time one is done, the Brahman will tick your ticket so that you do not try to do two times the same activity without paying extra. The High Court of Karnataka is nice to see from the outside, sadly tourists are not allowed inside. You can have a nice walk on Cubbon Park around, also look at Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, an other impressive government building. Still in the area, the Government Museum is worth a visit more for the historic interior than for the exposition itself. UB City mall is perhaps the most extragent in India. The selection of luxury shops include a Luis Vuitton. There is a huge choice of restaurants, both Indian and foreign. After weeks of strolling through traditional Indians market, it was a discoverytoee where the richest of the country do their shopping. There are renaissance style paintings, ornamented walls, arcades and columns in a neo-classical style. The Bangalore Palace is an interesting architectural mix of a British castle with Indian elements.

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